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NameFee Fee
in bundle
Internet do 10Mb/s

49.90 PLN45.00 order
Internet up to 50Mb/s

69.90 PLN45.00 order
Internet up to 100Mb/s

99.90 PLNod 30.00 order
Internet up to 250Mb/s1

149.90 PLNod 50.00 order
WiMAXWireless Internet accesszobacz

Bandwidth 10 Mbps/640 kbps
Average file download time

  • 10MB approximately 8sec.
  • 100MB approximately 1min. 22sec.
  • 1GB approximately 13min. 58sec.

Bandwidth 50 Mbps/2 Mbps
Average file download time

  • 10MB approximately 1,5sec.
  • 100MB approximately 16sec.
  • 1GB approximately 2min. 47sec.

Bandwidth 100 Mbps/4 Mbps
Average file download time

  • 10MB approximately 1 sec.
  • 100MB approximately 8 sec.
  • 1GB approximately 1min. 24 sec.

Przepustowość 250 Mbps/10 Mbps
Średni czas pobierania plików

  • 100MB ok. 3sek.
  • 1GB ok. 34sek.

Prices in the table are promotional gross prices.
Details in promotion's regulations.
Duration of contract depends on particular promotion.

Internet stacjonarny + Mobilny 4G LTE

Broadband MobileFee
do 10 Mb/s2 GB49.90 PLNorder
do 50 Mb/s6 GB69.90 PLNorder
do 100 Mb/s6 GB99.90 PLNorder