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12 października 2018

The fastest Internet in the world already in Poland

From now on, approximately 30,000 households in Poznań can use the 10 Gb/s connection offer. By the end of the year, INEA plans to make such a possibility available in the entire city and ultimately also on the FTTH INEA network. The symmetrical Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) connection with data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps is offered at the price of PLN 399. Apart from Poland, only the residents of Switzerland and several cities in the USA, Japan, South Korea and Singapore[1] can use such a fast Internet connection.

"INEA has always focused on innovation. The technology is developing at a dizzying pace, and we don't want to limit our customers. We have proved several times in our history that we are the technological leader, and today is the time for the next step,” says Michał Bartkowiak, Chief Operating Officer INEA. "It is worth emphasizing that the symmetrical link we offer will allow IT specialists, artists, people involved in video processing or new technologies such as virtual or augmented reality, to work freely at home. From now on, remote work will not be a problem for them. And it is not our last word on this issue yet," adds Bartkowiak.

The launch of a 10 Gb/s link in Poland was carried out jointly with Nokia, which provided a next-generation fiber solution capable of delivering symmetrical speeds along with the added network capacity, reliability, flexibility and scale needed to deliver enhanced ultra-broadband services in the future. These devices operate using the FTTH INEA network.

The 10 Gb/s Internet offer is addressed to people who, when pursuing their hobbies or professional challenges, want to both download and transmit data at a speed previously unavailable in Poland. The symmetry of the link results in the fact that the transfer of such data in both directions takes place in a flash. Such a fast Internet connection will be also appreciated by players. The latest productions can occupy several dozen gigabytes of disk space, which means that even on the currently offered lines, their downloading takes long enough to make it noticeable. With a 10 Gb/s connection, this time will be significantly shortened. For example, the most awaited game of 2018, Red Dead Redemption II, which will occupy approximately 100 GB, can be downloaded in less than 2 minutes using the INEA connection. Thanks to INEA, from now the limitation is not the speed of the connection, but the technological capabilities of terminal devices (computers, consoles) available on the market. Thanks to the innovative XGS-PON technology introduced, one should also expect very low pings, i.e. the time necessary for the signal to pass from our device to the server and back, which is of key importance for on-line entertainment.

[1] Analysis of the accessibility of the 10 Gb/s offer available to individual customers, conducted by INEA in June 2018.


INEA is a key supplier of telecommunications services in the Poland’s Wielkopolska Province (west part of Poland). The company is present in the segment of individual clients, services for companies, institutions and schools. INEA mainly provides broadband Internet, television, mobile and fixed-line telephony services, as well as professional services for business and data center. Thanks to the investments implemented, the operator is a leader in the field of of fiber-optic infrastructure in the Greater Poland region.

According to the independent speed rating (Speedtest.pl) for 2017, INEA is the fastest broadband provider as well as for 2018 – both the fastest broadband and WiFi provider in Poland. The company is also the winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious FTTH Council Europe award, as the only Polish company, for activities aimed at expanding Fiber-To-The-Home technology access networks.

Media contact:

Karolina Pawlik

INEA S.A., E-mail: karolina.pawlik@inea.com.pl, Mobile 732 450 197 

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